Demerara Sugar Terminals

Terminal Details: Demerara Sugar Terminals
IMO #:
ISPS Certified: Yes

General Information

Port: Georgetown

Ramp Road, River View, Ruimveldt.
Tel.: +592 226-4343, 225-6282,
Fax.: +592 226-6104
Email: [email protected]

Contact Persons

Mr. Michael Boast
Chief Executive Officer
Tel.: +592 225 6282
Fax.: +592 226 6104

Mr. Lawrence Stewart
Technical Director
Tel.: +592 225 6061
Fax.: +592 226 6104

Mr. Raymond Ferreira
Terminal Manager
Tel.: +592 226 4343
Fax.: +592 226 6104
Email: [email protected]

Service NameService Description
Export of Bulk CargoWe export raw bulk sugar for Guyana Sugar Corporation.
Quays, Wharves and Bays

Name: Outloading Wharf
Length: 127.00 meters
Breadth: 6.40 meters
Height of Low Water Draft: 7.40 meters
Description: Concrete wharf built on steel piles. Mobile loading chutes which can traverse the length of the wharf.
Description of Environment below: Free flowing river water.


Name: Demerara Sugar Terminals
Capacity: 20.00 square meters
Description: Two (2) 20,000 metric tons concrete bonds on semi-floating foundation.

Road Network

Description: Paved roads around bond inside Terminal and outside of Terminal connecting to main East Bank Road.

Plant & Equipment
Plant & Equipment TypeQuantityCapacity
Loading Chutes with conveyors2500 Metric Tons per hour
Shipping Lines