Container Scanner in Full Operation


The Guyana Revenue Authority has acquired a fixed container scanner from Rapiscan Systems that was put into operation last May. The unique piece of equipment is located in the Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC) compound and the GRA said it has been constantly revising schedules and operations to overcome the initial teething problems.

One such revision concerned a decision to provide adequate electricity supply on the wharf to enable exporters of perishables to plug in refrigerated containers while they wait for boarding, and the scanning schedules have been rearranged to scan refrigerated containers only when their designated vessels arrived.

The scanning operation is fast (15 minutes) and efficient and is done at least 72 hours prior to scheduled sailing. The GRA, in their efforts to operate a more flexible system also made it unnecessary for those containers which have been earmarked for compulsory scanning to be visually checked by Customs Officers while they are being stuffed. However, due to the mandate issued by American authorities following the September 2001 tragedy, all containers destined for the USA must be scanned.

SAG was among those advocating for the acquisition of the container scanner.  Because of the astronomical cost, the Government undertook its purchase and placed the equipment under the umbrella of the Guyana Revenue Authority.