World Maritime Day 2015


WMD 2015

World Maritime Day 2015 will be observed under the theme, “Maritime Education and Training”. This year’s theme is even more fitting at a time when the Shipping Association of Guyana is zooming in on its advocacy for the shipping industry in Guyana especially as it relates to the modernization of the ports in Georgetown. SAG has, in the past, endeavored to focus attention on the importance of maritime safety and security, and to emphasize on the development of linkages within the local commercial sector. The Shipping Association believes that education and training are essential for the long term sustainability of the sector, both at sea and on-shore. It is with this in mind, that the Association has placed some emphasis on its own training programmes over the past year.

Maritime security is at the top of our agenda. The increase in armed robberies at sea continues to shake the industry. This devastating challenge has damaging effects on the industry with lives and valuable assets at stake. Education and training becomes even more critical at this juncture and the Shipping Association of Guyana will continue to engage various stakeholders to develop effective strategies to deal with this dilemma. The United Nations Secretary General in his Message for World Maritime Day 2015 highlighted that “today, shipping is a modern, highly technical, professional discipline that requires a great deal of skill, knowledge and expertise from the maritime workforce. The mariner of today cannot learn the skills required for success simply through work experience or learning on-the-job.” He posited that a safe, secure and clean shipping industry can only be built on effective standards of education and training, a position the Shipping Association of Guyana applauds and embraces.

As Guyana joins with the rest of the World in observance of this year’s World Maritime Day, the Shipping Association pauses to recognize the significant gains of the industry, especially its professionals who remain committed to delivering at the highest level. We are cognizant that training and education form the foundation for a safe and secure shipping industry and hence, reiterate that “Shipping is Everybody’s Business.” Let us all as Guyanese make a conscious decision and commit to learning about the industry, its achievements and challenges. The Shipping Association will endeavor to explore new avenues to conquer the challenges we face today. We are sure that with quality education and training, the difficulties faced today could be significantly reduced in the very near future.

Maritime trade contributes significantly to the development of our country and the world as a whole, and the Shipping Association of Guyana values this significant contribution. We support and salute the efforts of all stakeholders, and will continue to work for the further development of the industry through education, training and advocacy.

Happy World Maritime Day 2015!